Grow Our Community Resilience

Save the dates for our June and July Growing Community Resilience (GCR) series, "Together We Rise: Exploring Intersectional Feminism in Agriculture." It will be a multi-part GCR event bringing together the voices and calls to action from women and gender nonconforming folx working towards collective liberation through their work in agriculture and food systems. June study materials to be sent out 6/10, open study and discussion session on Tuesday, 6/28 and a July panel and discussion on Tuesday, 7/26.

In 1962, conservationist Rachel Carson wrote her book “Silent Spring.” In doing so, this quiet, one-woman revolution not only exposed the dangers of DDT, she also motivated the formation of the Environmental Protection Agency.

Like Rachel Carson and many other women throughout history, the Women, Food, and Ag Network (WFAN) also inspires social change. We’re a community of women in sustainable agriculture, coming from the U.S. and other countries. We’re diverse in ages and backgrounds. We’re farmers, urban gardeners, environmental educators, community activists, academics. Most commonly, we’re visionaries who care about food and our environment.

As we share information and encourage one another, WFAN helps women farmers sustainably feed people. We assist women landowners in practicing conservative care of their land. We encourage respect for all farmers and food professionals no matter who they are or what they grow. Personally, I’m super proud to be grouped with these go-getting women! 

Rachel Carson recently celebrated what would have been her 115th birthday. Her work changed the world. Likewise, WFAN is celebrating its 25th anniversary and we too have visions for a better world.

I'd love to have you learn more about WFAN and hope you will consider joining us for our next Growing Community Resilience series, or becoming a member of WFAN and join us in building an ecological and just food and agricultural system.