2018 WFAN Annual Conference Scholarship Application

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This year, we are providing 10 scholarships to women farmers or landowners. Our funder is the Globetrotter Foundation. Scholarships are available to women who successfully complete this application and agree to complete a short survey about their experience.

If you are awarded a scholarship, you will be reimbursed for up to $350 in conference-related expenses after attending the conference and submitting a brief evaluation form.

Scholarships will be awarded on a first-come, first-served basis to eligible applicants, as long as funding is available. We will try to respond to your application within 2 weeks of receiving it.

If you receive a scholarship, you will be required to fill out a short survey about your educational experience at the conference.

The selection committee reserves the right to reject incomplete applications, or to return incomplete or unclear applications for additional information.

If you have questions, or would like to have an electronic (MS Word) version emailed to you, or a hard copy mailed to you, please send your request to conference@wfan.org, or call 515-450-3591.

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Scholarship Questions

Before hitting the submit button, please take a few moments to review your submission to make sure you've answered all the questions and that your answers are complete and accurate.

You should receive an email confirming that we have received your electronic proposal within a few minutes of submission. The email will be sent to the address you provided above. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your junk folder. If you still don't see one, please notify WFAN by emailing conference@wfan.org.

Thank you for your interest in attending the 2018 WFAN Annual Conference!