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About Harvesting Our Potential Mentorships

WFAN's Harvesting Our Potential mentorship program matches women who are exploring careers in sustainable agriculture with experienced female farmer mentors (farming 5 years or more). Due to our funding restrictions in 2019, we will only be accepting mentors within Iowa this year.

The mentee works directly with a farmer instructor to gain hands-on experience. Most mentorships will last around 10 weeks and take place any time within the growing season, whenever it works best for mentor and mentee. In addition to the on-farm mentorship, mentors and mentees will attend a spring training. There may also be a mid-season in-person meeting, at a date and time to be determined. Both mentors and mentees will also be asked to provide mid-season and post-season reviews.

This program is intended for aspiring farmers who do not yet operate their own farms. A stipend of $500 per mentee per season will be paid to the mentor if she completes the training program and hosts a mentee. Up to two mentees may be placed with each mentor per growing season.


To apply fill out the application that begins on the next page. If you have questions, please call 317-371-2970 or email info@wfan.org.

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